World Embroidery Day - 30 July

Embroidery Network South Africa Monday, 25 July 2016

World Embroidery Day - 30th of July (each year)

We invite you to celebrate embroidery with us in a way that feels good to you.

The initiative came from Kerstin Nettelblad and Skåne Sy-d, a local group of Broderiakademin, the Swedish Embroiderer's Guild.

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The first World Embroidery Day took place in Vismarlöv in Sweden, on 30th July 2011.

In 2011 a local group belonging to Broderiakademin, Sweden's Embroidery Guild, took the initiative to plan and create a special day to celebrate embroidery. World Embroidery Day was now celebrated annually, each year on July 30.

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  • Elsa le Roux

    Elsa le Roux

    27 July 2016 at 14:25 |
    BIG NEWS!!! Our gracious and talented CEG members Yvonne and Penny are going to be on SABC TV 3 on Friday morning 29 July at 8am. Please spread the word, far and wide - esp to those of our members not on email.

    They will be showcasing embroideries and talking about WORLD EMBROIDERY DAY. They are even going to be teaching / showing the presenters how to stitch!!! Now isn't that wonderful?! Thank you "sew" much for agreeing to do this, to promote our love of beautiful designs, fabrics, needles and threads. You will be creating greater awareness about embroidery. Good luck Yvonne and Penny!

    Another update with more info hopefully tomorrow...

    In the meantine...
    Groups are gathering...
    1 At Pearl's ThreadNeedle Street in Rondebosch - morning and afternoon on Sat 30 July. Ph: 021 686 6817
    2 At Woodside Retirement Village in Rondebosch with Beryl on Sat morning. Ph: 021 681 2669
    3 At Louise Tyler in Blougbergstrand on Wednesday 10 Aug Ph: 021 553 3096
    4 At Kenilworth Centre upper level on Sat from 9am - 4pm Ph: 021 686 6982 (Toody)
    5 At Jenny vant' H in Noordhoek on Sat. Ph: 021 787 0182
    6 Monica is going to be teaching women at Ons Plek how to embroider one of these days soon. A donation of hoops fell into our laps. I'll be passing them onto Monica! Ph: 021 461 4756 She needs needles and threads if you have any to spare please.

    Watch this space!

    See our CEG Facebook Page and my Toody Cassidy's Embroidery Treasures Facebook Page

    Love and happy wishes
  • Elsa le Roux

    Elsa le Roux

    28 July 2016 at 09:38 |
    East London Embroidery Guild is organising a get together on Saturday, 30 July at 14h30 at The Craft Gallery to celebrate World Embroidery Day.
    We will have a lucky draw for one of the kits on sale and a free fabric sample for those who would like one.
    I have not advertised tea but will make provision anyway.
    Looking forward to seeing you all.
    Kind regards
    Vyv Muller
  • Elsa le Roux

    Elsa le Roux

    31 July 2016 at 10:16 |
    Port Elizabeth Embroiderers' Guild
    Groups had gathered privately celebrating World Embroidery Day.
    We plan to incorporate this event every year in our guild activity program.
    Happy stitching.

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