Vision and Objectives

After much discussion at previous Ighali events it was realised that for the survival and promotion of embroidery in South Africa there is a need to establish a national organisation to co-ordinate embroidery guilds.


  • Embroidery Network South Africa (ENSA)

Mission Statement:

  • To foster an environment where South Africans can reach their full potential in the art of embroidery, traditional and contemporary, in all its facets.


  • To promote and strengthen the importance of traditional and contemporary embroidery nationally and internationally.
  • To encourage high standards of design and workmanship for embroidery.
  • Create a programme to recruit younger members and to train more embroidery teachers.
  • To keep a register of recognised competent embroidery teachers nationally: Names, contact details, and type of embroidery classes available.
  • To establish basic rules, regulations and categories for National Festivals, with all participating guilds.
  • To maintain registers of both, the history of South African embroidery and to identify outstanding S.A. embroideries.
  • To establish a national hand embroidery judges course of high standards.
  • To biennually, at Ighali Festivals, bring together the chosen representatives of the participating guilds in order to plan and discuss the management of the organisation.