Witwatersrand Embroidery Guild

Established in 1980

Witwatersrand Embroidery Guild

It was in the mid 1980s that a small group of ladies got together to embroider.  Their aims were to encourage each other, to learn from and to teach each other.  Inspiring each other was an automatic spin off.  They met on a regular basis at each other’s homes.  They embroidered and chatted over a good cup of tea.  The founder members of this small group fondly remember the lady who left her magnifying glass over her work in the sun and so smouldered her precious embroidery.

As friends invited friends, the members grew in numbers and a venue needed to be found.  The small group also needed to formalise its gatherings and out of these beginnings grew the Witwatersrand Embroidery Guild with a membership now well over 100.

As their numbers grew, larger premises needed to be found and the Emmarentia Recreation Centre  met these requirements and has hosted the guild for well over 15 years.  The guild eventually decided to split its gathering – a large number of members are retired, or are fortunate enough to be able to work from home and thus their time is flexible and some are home executives.  This group prefers to attend gatherings during the week, and Tuesday was the chosen day.  The working ladies also needed to be catered for and they meet twice a month on a Saturday.  There is a healthy cross pollination of the two groups and even though each group has their own chairlady all activities are shared - we see each other as all belonging to one guild.

The aims and goals of the Witwatersrand Embroidery Guild remain the same, with a few additions.  They still aim to create an inspirational environment for like minded people who enjoy the wonderful art of embroidery.  Although the guild is not a teaching guild, new members and novices are encouraged to join and learn from the other members.  The guild also boasts a membership of many good and passionate teachers who teach embroidery and some even design and successfully market embroidery designs. Once a month, usually on the first Tuesday of the month teachers from the guild or outside the guild are invited to present a talk or workshop on a pre decided topic or embroidery skill. Other professionals might also be invited to give a talk on pre determined topics. These ‘teachers’ are also asked to be available to repeat their ‘lesson’ for the Saturday ladies.  A social is organised once a year.

The Witwatersrand Embroidery Guild also organises a bi annual embroidery exhibition.  All the members works completed over the two year period are exhibited.   An area is also set aside for members to sell their wares. The Lace Guild normally joins in and exhibits their member’s works.  An area is also set aside for vendors selling embroidery related articles.

Should you have a love or fascination for embroidery, and you enjoy being with like minded people, or you would love to try your hand at this skill – you are invited to visit us and experience what the guild is all about, and hopefully your name will join ours on the membership list.

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